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My Trips
Build a Personal Trip Library

Favorite team in Barcelona this spring? The Grand Prix in Monaco? Dream trip to Bali? Build them all with Relovate, anyway you prefer. Sketch trips using only locations, or get granular, and plan budgets. Either way, a neatly organized trip tile captures your effort. Return anytime to personalize, change, share and book.

Build a Travel Budget

Planning a travel budget is easy with Relovate. Use the Budget Planner to set a target, then build your plan. As you add items, we list the price for each. Check the box on any item to see how it impacts your spending. A budget balance displays after each action.

Travel Budget
Consider option
Consider Your Options

Not ready to book? We get it. So, consider options and delay booking until you and your party are ready. Consider properties, even rooms. Consider flights, restaurants, activities, car rentals and limousines. Click the “Consider” button anywhere you see it. Everything “considered” stays in the plan until you’re ready to budget, book, or share.

Organized Itineraries

We put everything you need, from booked items or considered items in one Itinerary View, organized by day. Confirmation details, contact information and addresses are all included. Download it and travel confidently, knowing all your travel information is right where you need it.

Share & Chat
Share & Chat

Travel information from friends, family, and colleagues is trusted, personal, and relevant. So, we make tapping your team for advice and suggestions easy. And we make it simple to send complete itinerary details with just an email. Fire up Relovate Chat, and you can collaborate on trip plans in real time.

Get Your Party Organized

Build a list of those you travel frequently with or for whom you often book travel, like family members or colleagues. Create complete profiles for each traveler, including details required for travel elements like flights. This makes booking a snap.

My Travelers
My Contacts
Customize Your Contacts

Need to communicate travel plans to different groups? The soccer team? The family reunion invitees? We make it simple to build special distribution lists that keep travel planning classified. This keeps sharing and collaborating productive. Anyone added will be pre-populated in your trip invite emails. Add and delete as you prefer.

Plan Address to Address

Make big places smaller, using precise address based planning. Reduce New York City to Tribeca. Shrink Chicago to Wrigley Field. Use Relovate to find everything travel around any address in your plan. Find restaurants before you’re hungry, consider hotels, landmarks, parks and entertainment as part of a perfect plan. We store every address you use.

Address to Address
Search with Maps
Search with Maps

Wonder where “that place” is? Or if shopping is close to “that hotel?” Relovate makes it simple to locate everything you’re interested in, around any address. If you’re just exploring, move the pin and we instantly return results around that new address. Of course, we also save every address.

Let There be One

The tech team calls it “integrated, single site, non-tabbed, geo-indexed, multiple service architecture—ISS-NTG-MSSOA. The rest of us call it the end of browser tabs.

one tab
Advertising Free
Advertising Free. Really.

No advertisements. No $%&^! Relovate is your personal, distraction free travel planning workspace


Relovate doesn’t use cookies. We don’t run ad trackers to follow you eerily across the internet. Check out our Privacy Policy for more.

one tab

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