Charles Saldarini, Thu Sep 20, 2018

5 Benefits from the Art of the Consider

Knee Jerks. Snap Decisions. The Impulse Buy. Regrets. OMGs. Purchases, like the Hose of the Future, the Perfect Groomer or that Magneto Memory Band, which is in what drawer?

Fast decision-making feels like a goal among the marketers hurling the "Buy Now," "Order Now" messages we see during every online experience. No one selling anything is suggesting you think about it, take some time, consider your options. And then decide, when you’re ready. Malcolm Gladwell in his book Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking even tried to convince us it was a good thing.

All due respect to Mr. Gladwell, we think you should listen to your mother. Like we did.

Which explains why we created the "Consider" feature. We think it is essential to good planning. Good planning leads to good decisions and happy trips. It is also quite different from a save, or a like or a bookmark. 

Here are the 5 things that happen when you Consider a travel option using Relovate. 

Number 1: You've Put Science on Your Side

According to Ben Newell, in the study Think, blink or sleep on it? The impact of modes of thought on complex decision making[1], published in the The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, "Snap decisions are likely to be worse than ones based on clear thinking, say psychologists who have criticized the publicity surrounding books suggesting that unconscious deliberation leads to a better choice than conscious consideration."

We agree. And since travel decisions may involve hundreds or thousands of dollars, its best in your view, to make science your friend and consider your options before booking. Trust us, the world’s not running out of rooms.  

Number 2: You've launched a Trip Plan.

The item you consider—hotel, room, flight, etc… is dynamically organized in your trip plan, by its precise location, making it available for continuing reference. But it also enables you to plan other items you may have interest in. The information is always at your fingertips so you can return to it during many different trip planning sessions.

Number 3: Comparisons are easy.

Relovate provides a Considered Item filter in every set of results you generate. Clicking it narrows the results list to just those items so you can quickly compare the details. This is especially helpful for flights with stops and layovers. And also for comparing aircraft, if for example you prefer larger jets to regionals or turbo-props.

Number 4: Price Monitoring is Automatically Triggered

For flights, hotels, car rentals and vacation homes, considering an option automatically triggers price monitoring. As you return to plan, any changes are flagged to your attention, so you can gauge whether it’s time to book or time to wait.

Number 5: Prompts for Notes

Considering an item reveals a free form notes field.  Here you can your thoughts about why you like this particular choice. This means you don’t have to guess at why you made a choice. Add notes about price, or amenities you prefer or locations or anything else. If you collaborate this trip, those notes are available to your invited parties.  

See, your mother was right.