Sheli Gupta, Wed Nov 07, 2018

The Re-Useable Trip

The Re-Useable Trip

Consider all the things you re-use, either at home or at work, doesn't matter. Whatever it is—word templates, bookmarks, spreadsheets—the intent is roughly the same. Why repeat work you've already completed?  Why start from scratch when you can get a jump start on the new work using an older outcome already achieved.

According to a post in INC, Forget About Saving Customers Money. Save Them Time Instead, the authors argue that businesses which save customers time, are doing it right. E-commerce sites that save preferences, offer simplified check outs, create quicker ways to accomplish transactions all signal they care about their customer's most valuable asset—time. 

We have applied this concept to trip plans. Because we care about how much time it takes to plan and book a trip. Our original inspiration in fact was the gnawing frustration we felt whenever we had to plan a trip to a place we had already been. Mom's for Thanksgiving, the boyfriend in Charlotte, the client update meeting in Chicago—really Aurora—and so on. We had many trips which we needed to repeatedly plan. And book.  

Our consternation was we always had to start from scratch!  Even though we generally knew the travel options, like the airports, airlines, hotels, and services such as car rentals or black car. We also knew good restaurants, even places to go for some fun—karaoke!—or for relaxation—shopping, manicures, maybe, a massage. There was no one way to organize it all, save it and re-use it.   

Relovate's Copy Trip fixes this problem. It is a very, very simple way to re-use a trip already created. It makes your prior efforts completely available, just like copying a word document, presentation or any work product you want to re-use. The plan may include booked travel options (hotels for example) or simply items you are considering.     

The benefits of this feature are compelling.   

Save Time!

All the effort you have put into a prior trip can be leveraged. All your searches, considered options, booked elements, notes and locations can be duplicated in 1 click. Making prior searches and considers available is a powerful efficiency gain, because you do not to re-search. And if you have considered options as part of our prior planning, then these choices are also available. This can be helpful if your preferred choices have been subjected to schedule or price changes.

Easy to Do!

From My Trips, locate the trip you want to re-use. If the trip is pending, it will be in Current Trips. If it is a Past Trip, you'll find it under that tab. Scroll over the tile until the "Copy Trip" icon appears. Click it. Done.

Copy it in 1 click!

Everything contained in the prior trip populates into a new version, instantly. From any device.

It is Actionable.

With your new version available—we suggest re-naming it--you can edit and change dates to refresh availability and price. Once you're satisfied with your efforts, you can book or leave it to us to track prices and availability.   

Copying trips makes all your planning re-usable, and while we recognize that making a set of trip options easy to repeat won’t win us any awards, it is a long overdue feature for those of us traveling to and from the same places on a regular basis.  

Here are screen shots of the process.