Sheli Gupta, Wed Apr 04, 2018

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Collaborate Your Next Trip

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Collaborate Your Next Trip

Number 1: It's Easy to Start Collaboration Quickly

In Relovate, you can create a trip in only a few minutes.  To collaborate it, there are three simple steps, you launch, which include inviting your fellow planners and fellow travelers.  

Once your friends, family and colleagues are connected to the trip—yes, they will need to register with an email and a password—Relovate’s collaborative process works like most you already know.  For example, a Google® doc, presentations, or photo sharing. Only, in this case, the trip plan is the collaborative target, not a recommendation to the boss.

As soon as your invitees, accept and register, you’re collaborating.

Number 2: Split the Planning Efforts

As a soloist, 100% of the planning effort is on you.   Researching destinations, finding accommodations, searching for flights etc… Typically, this involves screaming frustration, desperate booking and what real scientists call "Decision Fatigue."

We think that's an awful way to spend money, and an even worse way to invest your time.

Using Relovate’s collaboration platform, you can distribute the work.  producing a more efficient approach to trip planning.  Think of it this way:  You, 3 friends and Cancun.

  • Friend A -- Flight options
  • Friend B -- Hotel options
  • Friend C -- Activities and Tours

You get the idea.  Each friend can research different options, then consider those which he or she thinks could be a good solution. Any option is visible to all other friends in the trip plan.

Number 3: See Every Change, Suggestion & Idea

Now it gets fun.  Any changes, suggestions, edits to the trip plan are made dynamically, in real time.  Everyone can participate at the same time.  So, instead of chasing emails, texts, spreadsheets—even a shared file or folder—all your communications are centralized, stored and always available.

ALL friends see ALL changes immediately, alerted by notification messages displaying each time a new contribution occurs.   All contributions from all members are placed in a "Trip Planner" organized by location for easy reference. 

Each added item also contains a "Notes" field to capture personal views about a selected option(s). Later, this is especially helpful when you are assigning blame and praise!

Number 4: Get to Consensus

Relovate includes a private chat messaging service to create specific trip conversations.  Discussions are automatically stored, across all planning sessions.  It makes getting to consensus much easier, since everyone can discuss each item in the plan.  Entire conversations are saved, remembering all suggestions, advice and trip changes any user makes.

Number 5: Build Your Own Network of Travel Experts

We've all got friends, family and colleagues that have "been there, done that." They know things you don't, no shame in saying it.   Tapping their personal experiences, is more valuable than reading some hype because it is personal, and relevant to you. 

Personal in the sense that you have personal relationships with your network.  They know what you like—jazz music, single malts, quite spots.  And they have a solid view of what you dislike—lines, crowds, touristy things.  When it comes to trip and travel planning, that is a powerful advantage.

Amongst our Relovate team, we've got people with deep experience across the world, from Perth to Mumbai to London, for example. Undoubtedly, you have something similar.  And if you don't your Facebook friends may, or other networks you trust and rely upon.

Relovate's collaboration enables you to invite those people to those trips involving locations your experts have experienced.  And tap their expertise.

It is a little bit like re-purposing Facebook or Linkedin on your terms, to help you have a great experience.