Charles Saldarini, Mon Apr 09, 2018

What is a Trip Management Platform, Anyway?

What is a Trip Management Platform, Anyway?

Platforms are impressive, easy to use, tech making life easier.

Tech platforms are combinations of intuitive software offering users features and functions to use specific types of data more personally and more powerfully. They are growing in popularity because they make certain tasks—online banking for example—more convenient, which makes their users more productive.  Why write out checks by hand, stick them in envelops, stamp them, address them and mail them when your bank will do it for you in 3 clicks?

Other examples are platforms for photo sharing, social networking, online shopping, online games and online phots.  Think, Flickr®, Facebook®, Amazon®, Xbox® and so on.  In short, it is highly likely you are using some form of technology platform regularly. At work, you may be using tools like Google® docs for collaborative document sharing.  Or, you might have used DropBox® or Salesforce.com®.

So, what's a Trip Management Platform?

It is a modern workspace for starting, building, planning, editing and managing trips in one place—just like you do when you use other platforms to make life a bit less intense.

For the techie’s, it is a single application, seamlessly and continuously connecting a global network of travel suppliers, with a robust set of planning tools, in your own personal travel cloud, so it is always synched, and always up to date. This way, data, like prices, availability and preferences are constantly monitored to improve every planning session.  The upshot is faster planning with less hassle.   

Relovate's Trip Management Platform Benefits

Especially when compared to booking sites, places where you are limited to just booking a room or a flight, a trip management platform is significantly more robust, offering a variety of time saving and enhanced convenience benefits for your trip planning and booking.  

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